Save The Princess in 3D with Nintendo Concept Design

Ever wondered what Mario and Luigi would look like in 3D? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Nintendo is working on a new DS console that will allow gamers to play in 3D mode but that’s not the coolest part about the new gaming system. The console will allow gamers to view the 3D graphics without glasses.

The photo above is from Yanko Design and shows an artists idea of what the 3DS will look like when it goes on sale. Nintendo has yet to confirm that this is what the new DS will look like but who wouldn’t want something that looked this cool?

It has extremely large screens, a built-in webcam and a thumb joystick that is similar to the one on a PSP. The new gaming system also has four buttons on the right and a d-pad to the left.

Nintendo should think about using this concept for when they officially release the 3DS or a least something similar.

Source: Yanko Design

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