iPhone Killer Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Ronen Kadushin could very well be the cleverest product designer out there; he has developed, simply and gracefully, a device which is a definite iPhone killer. And he did it by himself.

‘Unpossible!’ you cry. And I, too, was a non-believer, until I saw the device. It is a truly innovative concept that will effectively end any iPhone that crosses its path.

Made from laser-cut 25mm brushed steel, the iPhonekiller, as Kadushin has so boldly and poignantly named his device, subtly echoes the lines of Apple’s phone, adding only insult to injury. A product to terminate the iPhone if I’ve ever seen one.

And the best part? This device is free! Oh, man, Apple, how can you compete with that? You’re finished!

In case you’re not painfully aware at this point, we’re talking about a hammer. The laser-cut steel is mounted on a standard-issue axe handle, and the product exists as a commentary on the state of open design. Since content has become so open, what about the devices? The video below is Kadushin rapping about the issue and culminating in a rundown of this particular piece of totally next-gen technology. This is a fairly thought provoking little clip, so check it. Now.


[Ronen Kadushin, Via PCWorld]

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