iPad Used for Surgery in Japan Less Than a Week After Launch. Ouch.

Man, I always hate to come off as an Apple fanboy (that, when I’m not coming off as a cranky Apple hater), especially where the iPad is concerned. I don’t want to buy one; I want a computer, thanks, not the adult version of an early-childhood activity center. That being said, though, almost every day I hear tell of some nifty new use for an iPad. I can’t just not show you guys neat stuff, I guess.

Which brings me to this post. Japan adapted the iPad with almost untold zeal, and get this: they’re already using it for surgery. Is that even…? Like, this is only a week later. I would not trust my life to my surgeon’s new tech toy. I mean, yeah, it was only used as a display in this case, but even so, it seems like a lot to ask of the Apple tablet to suddenly throw it into mortal combat right away like that.

Then again, according to the doctor, there, it actually went swimmingly, and the device was apparently useful. I’m impressed with their prowess, too – they seem to be whipping around, zooming and panning that baggy-wrapped iPad like nobody’s business. Not even yours. Not even mine.


[Via CrunchGear]

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