Epson Employees Take Papercraft to the Streets

I don’t own a printer because, frankly, I don’t want to deal with the cost of ink. Ink is hella expensive, and besides, if and when I need to print, a pro will generally do a better job than the streaky bullfart a home inkjet produces. Imagine my chagrin at these Epson employees, who have taken it upon themselves to print a 1:1 scale model of an Acura NSX Super GT racecar.

The ‘car’ is, of course, sponsored by Epson, and when built, actually looks pretty bitchin’. But I can only imagine the printing cost wasn’t much less than the actual car.

More pictures after the jump! Personally, I’ll continue to limit my papercraft adventures to desktop-sized.

By tydunitz

Ty is an illustrator who stays up too late, and has to wear glasses. You can follow him on Twitter if you want to (@glitchritual), but he's just gonna throw your stupid PR crap in the garbage, so don't email him.

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