Wii U

When Nintendo came out with Gamecube, many believed that it was their end. Sony and Microsoft had consoles that were miles ahead and Nintendo seemed like the under-13 consolation-market contender. Fast forward to 2006 when the Wii revolutionized the gaming industry and opened the doors to wonderful potential.

Now, the Wii U seems like it has a chance of being another strong entrant into the ever-changing world of gaming gadget trends. Time will tell, but one thing is clear – they really pulled out their inner troll on Microsoft, as this cartoon by Dorkly titled “The Greatest Prank Nintendo Ever Pulled” illustrates.

Nintendo Prank
Written by Rocco Penn

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Steve Armstrong
June 13th, 2011 at 7:37 pm

I disagree with the gamecube.  The graphics were actually better than the PlayStation 2.  Not sure why this article said that Sony and Microsoft were ‘miles ahead’.  Ahead in what way?


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