Cisco taps into well-performed bad poetry to accomplish… something

The Maze Within

The Maze Within

“The beauty of writing poetry is that you don’t have to make much sense to be good at it.” ~ Unknown Poet

When a company that attributes 16% of its revenue to routers does anything creative, it’s worth reporting. The video below is currently featured on Cisco’s YouTube channel and has accumulated 153 views in 6 days. It’s possible that their 5683 subscribers weren’t looking to Cisco to fill their beatnik fix for the week or that the poem itself, well-performed as it is, oozes more cheese in the form of social media references than a fondue pot in the Facebook corporate cafeteria.

Either way, we figured we’d give them a boost and an opportunity to get the video’s first official thumbs up by highlighting it here. Enjoy.


By Connor Livingston

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