Will The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones make TV-based games "a thing"

Walking Dead

Movies have been made into video games since Atari, while video game have been turned into movies for nearly as long. The successes of both types of adaptation are debatable, but now we’re seeing the start of a new type of gaming adaptation: the television show games.

There have been others in the past with CSI, ER, and other popular shows getting the platform and PC treatment, but the latest batch of games may break down the walls that have made television series games something that only the most dedicated fans consider buying. “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” are the two most recent that have a chance of breaking through beyond their fan base and becoming successful titles on their own.

A lot will depend on the gameplay and overall quality of the titles, but being attached to two of the most popular “geek-friendly” television shows on the air right now will help. If the games can stand alone on their own merits with the TV-relations acting only as a jumping-off point, they have a chance of being successful because of their respective genres. “Game of Thrones” will be a fantasy RPG. We’ll learn more about “The Walking Dead” later today as it is revealed but we know that it will be a zombie adventure game (of course).

As game quality continues to improve and the interactivity of television shows through social media grows, the success of these two titles will help determine whether or not TV-based games of massive proportions will become “a thing”. It makes sense as the rich storylines on television shows can leave more room for translation into games that are normally more expansive than their movie counterparts.

Here’s the trailer for “Game of Thrones” and the teaser for “The Walking Dead”. We will update with further coverage as more is revealed.

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  • ¬†The best part about all of this: neither of these are originally a
    television property ;P There’s no “thing” about any of this. It’s not a
    fad, or new “formula”. It’s all about good storytelling. Video gaming
    being a newer medium, good storytellers are eventually coming together
    with folks who know how to execute at a technical level to tell a good
    story in a fun way.