Leverage LinkedIn To Take Your Job Networking Online


More and more people are taking to the world wide web to expand their job search, and the web is delivering everything from increasingly affordable education to expanded networking opportunities. Whether they are currently employed and looking for a new job or if they have recently been laid off, the world wide web provides many job-searching options like LinkedIn.

Simply defined, LinkedIn is a social media website that connects job seekers and businesses with one another. It gives both those looking for jobs and those offering jobs the ability to connect with one another through their resume and a digital display of their skill, experience level and educational track record. In fact, in this globalized world, it is becoming more and more common-place for people to use the Internet and social media, including LinkedIn, to secure their next job through either word of mouth or direct negotiations with an employer online.

According to the Huffington Post, new graduates in this terrible job market are encouraged to use social media to help with their job hunt, which unsurprisingly includes using LinkedIn. Specifically, they suggest using LinkedIn to follow possible employers that one might want to work for in the future.

There are two great benefits of using LinkedIn for recent grads, along with other job seekers. The first big positive is that one can continually be informed of changes in a company or industry, almost up to the minute. The other wonderful reason is the ability one has to market oneself on one’s LinkedIn profile and personalized website with a professional resume and picture. It is a great way to get your name out there, along with your professional information, skills, etc. which will enable you to join groups, as well as forums with like-minded employers and colleagues.

Based on Forbes’ recent article on LinkedIn, there are many good reasons for recent grads and anyone to use it to find a job. They say that more and more hiring managers and professional headhunters are utilizing LinkedIn. This article believes it is a no-brainer to use LinkendIn for one’s job search, no matter one’s career level.

Similarly, for people who are not currently working, no matter the reason for their separation, LinkedIn will help a candidate get more traction for their resume and skill set. Job seekers can customize their URL which is their personalized LinkedIn profile page, which is the nerve center of their job-hunting profile. This customization enables one’s profile to be seen higher in search results, which is ideal because it will make talent seekers spend less of their precious time searching mediocre leads. Plus it lets one demonstrate some familiarity with SEO skills, by beating out potential competition for scarce jobs. In addition, a portfolio on a website is ideal, especially for graphic designers, journalists, and almost any other profession that has anything to do with the world wide web.

Therefore, the networked future has arrived. The question for job seekers and those who want to move up the corporate ladder is no longer, “Should I use a professional networking site like LinkedIn?” Obviously the answer is a resounding yes. The real question is, “How long will it take to get your profile up?” There really is no downside, and a great online profile can only help with the job search and career advancement. Especially in this job market, job seekers should take advantage of all forms of job-hunting options, especially social media in this digital and globalized information and working age.

By Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is an SEO and Social Media specialist living in Seattle, Washington. Drew writes words that people enjoy reading every moment they are awake.

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