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Microsoft Store’s $99 Xbox costs more than if you bought it normally

Microsoft Store

With any payment plan, you will likely pay more than you would if you bought the product up front. That’s the case with the latest offer from Xbox, but don’t expect people to shy away from the deal that includes a $99 Xbox 360 bundle with Kinect.

To get the deal, one will need to sign a 2-year agreement for Xbox Live at $14.99 a month. This makes the total package come to $459 spread out over 3 years. By contrast, if someone paid $299 for the standalone Xbox 360 + Kinect and prepaid for 2 years of Xbox live for $120, they would spend $419. There are bargains available on both the bundle (we found one for $259) and Xbox Live (there are prepaid cards as low as $40) making it possible to get the whole package for $339.

Still, there’s something about payment plans that Americans love, so expect the $99 bundles to fly off the shelves. $99 now and $15 a month is an easier pill to swallow than $339 now.

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