The rise of the mobile employee

Mobile Employee

There was a time not too long ago when the only employees who could be considered “mobile” were the high-powered executives with cellular phones in their Lincoln Continentals. The business world shifted with the rise of the Blackberry and suddenly a lot more people were able to do their standard business activities away from the office.

Today, 73% of the global enterprise workforce is a mobile worker. That doesn’t mean they never come into the office (though some do not). It means that a portion of their job is handled offsite through the various devices we are given. Broadband is in most of the business centers around the world. 4G, cloud computing, VPNs – all contribute to the continued rise of mobile devices having more of an impact on business.

This graphic gives us some interesting information that pertains to the growing mobile workforce and the gadgets that make it possible. Click to enlarge.

From: Ford Knoxville Via: xCubeLabs

By Connor Livingston

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