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In October 2010 the photo-sharing mobile software, Instagram, was introduced to the world of smartphone users. Initially, Instagram was only offered to those with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but in April 2012 it was added to Android camera phones running 2.2 or higher. This growth was very explosive for us said Pensacola Toyota who was an early adopter of the new product.

Instagram’s distinct feature of making photos into a square shape is comparable to that of the Kodak Instamatic Camera and Polaroid images. Another unique feature the app and camera have in common is with having the ability to share photos instantaneously; Kodak allowing users to print out photos directly from the camera and Instagram enabling users to post snapshots to a variety of social networks, including Instagrams very own.

As shown in the infographic below, users of Instagram have rapidly grown since it launched. In December 2010, Instagram had 1 million users and in April 2012 it had grown to 40 million. It looks like after only two years it is on the right path to reaching 100 million users, and to put this into perspective, it took Facebook four years and LinkedIn eight years to reach this milestone.

In having such unique, but some-what familiar features, plus the ability to share pictures easily across the web, makes Instagram a popular and continually growing mobile application for those who love sharing photos.

This infographic from Online Colleges comes to use via Indianapolis Toyota and explores “Instagram Nation: The Smartphone Photographer’s App of Choice”. Hat Tip: Fort Walton Beach Subaru. Click to enlarge.

Instagram Nation: The Smartphone Photographer’s App of Choice
Written by Amanda Ryan

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