Use the Internet without using data on your smartphone

Use the Internet without using data on your smartphone
Erin Ryan October 22 Mobile


The biggest money suck on a smartphone is using its data; this can cause many people to hesitate wanting to buy one. However, just because you have a smartphone does not mean you have to go poor. Here is a trick to have your smartphone and use it too.

The only data you will ever use should be upon activation and like the rest of us you will need to include a data plan as a part of your overall mobile plan, with that said, be sure to get the cheapest or a shared data plan that is available via your network.

Once you have the phone activated the very first thing you want to do is turn off your data, location will vary depending on which phone you have, and then choose to use Wi-Fi only.

Since you already have an Internet connection at home you have the ability to use the Wi-Fi you are using on your other devices or if you haven’t yet, you can now. You may need to find out the code if you don’t remember your password and this is only needed if you have a secure Internet. You can obtain this information easily from your Internet provider.

The truth is, almost everywhere you go now you have free access to Wi-Fi, Starbucks, McDonalds, Malls, Wal-Mart and the list goes on, and therefore you truly do no need to use your data. Data is what will cost you the most money, especially if you go over and this often occurs due to creating a playlist of music, taking pictures and sharing them and even more so, watching YouTube videos.

These are all part of the reason we got a Smartphone in the first place, however, you do not need to become broke to have one and you do not always need to use your data, just enable the next Wi-Fi spot on your phone and it will remember it the next time you are there.

Be sure to also always check apps you download and click the “Wi-Fi only” box so you can access it easily.

So turn off that expensive data, stop worrying about how much you are using and instead live the freedom of Wi-Fi only when using your Smartphone.

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