The digital camera that is built by you

Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera
Amanda Ryan November 30 Design

There is a playfulness that lives in all of us that only creativity can bring out. It is a trait we have carried since childhood and express solely through the use of our imaginations. We find joy in building, personalizing, and customizing items, which is why the Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera makes the perfect gift for just about anyone.

This tiny 2 mega pixels camera is built by you. You design, create and assemble it by unlocking your imagination and creativity. As kids, we loved playing and creating with building blocks and the same type of fun applies here.

The Nanoblock Toy Digital Camera looks nothing like a camera when it arrives at your door. At first, it is a package that includes a detachable finder and several Nanoblocks of two different colors; it is up to you to make it look like a camera. By clicking the Lego-like Nanoblocks together, you can create a working digital camera that fits your personality and style.

When fully charged, this camera can also shoot up to 60 minutes of continuous video and with its USB connection; you can easily upload your videos and photos to a computer. You are able to purchase more Nanoblocks if you wish to add more colors to your camera over time.

This amazing little camera costs around $106 and can be found at the Japan Trend Shop after December 4th 2012, just in time for the Holidays.

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Written by Amanda Ryan

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