Dolphin tangled in fishing line “asks” diver for help

Dolphin Fishing Line Video

Everyone knows that dolphins are intelligent. They may be the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom and have been known to interact with boats and divers in ways that no other animals ever do.

In this amazing video, a dolphin that had been hooked in tangled in fishing string lingered around divers off of Kona in Hawaii. At the 3:37 point, you’ll see that the ailing dolphins “lingers” by the humans and even interacts with one, apparently in hopes that the human could remove the line and hook. For the next several minutes, the dolphin stays with the human as he works at the line with a diving knife and its scissors. At one point, the dolphin goes up for air, then comes back down to let the diver continue his efforts.

First, the full video, then below it is the news report featuring the video.



By Lorie Wimble

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