If you're a lazy gamer, have we got the bed for you

Gaming Bed
Rocco Penn January 28 Gadgets

The bad news is that it’s $52,000. The good news is that if you have time to lay in bed all day, you might just have the lifestyle cash available to buy this puppy. That is, unless you’re able to do so because you’re still living with your parents, in which case you now have an incentive to get out of bed, go to college, and get the type of job that can help you afford to leave mom’s and get the  Hi Can gaming bed.

Need more to drool over than just the new age design? How about an HD projector, a top notch built in computer, state-of-the-art sound system, reading light (in case you don’t have a Kindle handy), and full multimedia complement with game and entertainment console. It’s ideal for those who just want to wake up and go straight to the task of pwning n00bs.

HiCan Gaming Bed
Gaming in Bed
Bed for Gaming

(H/T: BitRebels)

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