LG says its 4K TVs will scare people like Armageddon

What makes a video go “viral?” After an elevator prank video from LG UK garnered over 19 million views on YouTube, LG Chile has used the same format for a new video. “Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation?” presents itself as a hidden camera, much like a Candid Camera or Punk’d setup. Unsuspecting candidates are led into a room for an interview. The room is full of hidden cameras, and, in place of a window, one of LG’s enormous 84-inch UHDTVs showing an image of a city. As the interview progresses, an imaginary meteor begins to make its way across LG’s TV, headed for direct impact with the city. Right on cue, the interviewees cower, scream, and hide from the CGI terror.


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