OUYA tries to fix their 'unfixable' Free the Games fund

Supporters have been fanatical. Detractors have been vehement. Indie game developing company OUYA is trying to pull in more supporters than detractors with recent revisions to the way they fund games and promote their projects.

It looks like outspoken indie devs are finally getting their wish: OUYA is revising the rules for its “Free the Games” fund. The matching contest (which provides additional funding to Kickstarter campaigns that meet certain goals) has come under fire recently due to OUYA’s tepid response to exploitation controversy.

One developer, Sophie Houlden of Rose and Time, even pulled her game from console’s marketplace, accusing the company of being “incapable of ever correcting their mistakes.” Now, it seems, the OUYA is ready to take a stab at doing just that, modifying the contest guidelines to lower pledge requirements, reduce participant exclusivity terms and limit loopholes.

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