Tactical Haptics brings a new level of immersion to gaming

Gaming has seen a lot more focus on immersion in recent year, not just with the games themselves, but with hardware as well. Following this trend, Tactical Haptics has developed a new type of controller that emulates the feelings of object within the game world.

The traditional idea of a gaming controller is something passive: you use it to tell the game what you want to happen, simple as that. But gaming is really all about interaction. For the most immersive experience possible, when something happens to your character in-game, you want to feel like it’s actually happening to you. Control and display systems like the Sixense STEM and Oculus Rift have made gaming immersion much more effective in just the past few years, but what’s still missing are techniques for games themselves to physically interact with the user in a way that has more to offer than an N64 rumble pack.

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