Xbox One and PS4 hard drives will only have room for about a dozen full-sized games

Microsoft and Sony are trying to turn their next-generation consoles into digital distribution platforms. By pressuring console owners to download games from their console’s digital store, Microsoft and Sony hope to mimic the success of Steam on the PC. However, with only 500GB of internal storage and no support for external hard drives, it may be a while before console gamers transition from physical discs to digital copies.

It might be a good idea to go ahead and start planning out exactly how you are going to fill up your new console’s hard drive. Dave Thier from Forbes points out that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are each equipped with 500GB of internal storage, which is plenty to store dozens of current generation of games — but unfortunately for digital hoarders, launch games on PS4 and Xbox One will typically come in between 30 GB to 50GB in size.

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