Netflix releases trailer for 'Fireplace For Your Home'

Ordinary wood logs burning in a fireplace or important piece of cinematic history? Netflix put a twist on the familiar burning fireplace on television and released a trailer to gear up for its availability on the streaming service. The trailer starts out to look like a preview to a dramatic film with slow camera movements and a heavy-voiced narrator. The short clip then intertwines supposed reviews, which the viewer can tell isn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

Take a moment and think about the sort of film you traditionally watch once a year, around Christmas. It’s a Wonderful Life? A little heavy on the dialogue. Love Actually? Too many actors. Die Hard? Would’ve been nice if they’d shot it all in one take. The crux of the matter is this: No supposed holiday classic holds a candle to the flaming genius of Fireplace for Your Home, a groundbreaking miniseries available to stream on Netflix.

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