Crimson-colored Nexus 5 rumored to be released on February 4th

Speculation of a crimson-colored Google Nexus 5 have been floating around since last week, thanks to leaked images from a Vietnamese news site of a red variant, and a video that reportedly depicts several new color variations of the device. Today, Android Central is reporting an alleged internal memo to Sprint employees outlining that a red Nexus 5 will come to the Google Play Store on February 4.

Looks like the mysterious scarlet Nexus 5 will arrive during a month appropriate for its hue. A sneaky leakster posted an image of an internal memo from Sprint which plainly states that February 4 is when the red Nexus 5 will appear in Google Play Stores. With February filled with all things red and pink for Valentine’s Day, it makes sense that Google would want to show off its own blushing beauty. We’ve seen various clues sprinkled here and there mentioning the red handset will likely drop in late February or March. The latest trail leads to a fuzzy red Nexus box, which may nip the rumors in the bud – if it didn’t look so suspicious.

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