Galaxy Grand Lite could be named Galaxy Grand Neo upon release

Samsung’s Galaxy Grand Lite has been leaking quite a bit lately, and today it looks like we’re finally getting some confirmation on specs and naming. The Grand Lite will likely be marketed as the Galaxy Grand Neo, and you can expect it to have a 5 WVGA screen as well as a 1.2 GHz A7 CPU. 

A couple of days ago we reported that a certain Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite had passed through the FCC. We have been hearing about this rumored handset for a while now, with the device speculated to be the slightly less powerful version of the Galaxy Grand 2 that was launched in South Korea. Well now according to new reports, we are hearing that the Galaxy Grand Lite could actually be known as the Galaxy Grand Neo upon its official release. Granted the Galaxy Grand Lite name was only speculated and for all we know it could have been a codename, or maybe Samsung wanted to jazz it up a bit, who knows?

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