Images of Sony Sirius KitKat UI have been leaked

You can say that the Sony Sirius, also known as the Xperia Z2 or the Sony D6503, has been on the receiving end of its fair amount of rumors in recent times – mostly dealing with hardware issues, but this time around, we have a leak of the purported Android 4.3 screenshots that allegedly hail from the yet unreleased Sony Sirius.

A number of hard specs leaked for the Sony D6503, codenamed Sirius earlier today. A number of Android 4.3 screenshots also emerged from the device, however we mentioned that the handset will launch on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Now we can exclusively reveal a number of key features within the new Xperia KitKat UI and Sirius. All of those that were earlier talking about Sirius being not much of an upgrade only needs to take a quick scroll below to realise that Sony’s KitKat update is mammoth in scale. There are so many new features that it has taken us hours to digest and articulate into this post. We are talking about 4K recording, Timeshift video, Smart backlight control, two home launchers, USB DAC support and more. One thing is for sure, Sony’s Sirius handset will be very much worth the wait. Check out a sneak peek of what will be on offer below. 


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