Nintendo plans to release unnamed “mini-games” on mobile devices

Mario may fall short of triple-jumping his way to smartphones and tablets, but he and other iconic Nintendo characters could dip their toes into mobile devices with game demos. The company intends to utilize Android and iOS devices to market its console games, according to Japanese business publication The Nikkei via Dr. Serkan Toto. 

No, Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros. 3 is not coming to iOS. But some form of Mario just might land on your smartphone soon. According to the Japanese business publication Nikkei, Nintendo is planning a foray into mobile, but not in the way many avid fans and Wii U detractors may be calling for. The company is reportedly planning free mini games for smartphones that will act as demos of full-priced console and 3DS games. The mini games will also come with the ability to purchase those full-priced games through one’s smartphone, Nikkei reports.

By Rocco Penn

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