Samsung’s Galaxy S5 rumored to launch in mid-March

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 might not have been a smash hit to the degree that many industry watchers were predicting, but it is still wildly popular. It’s also the fastest-selling Android smartphone of all time. Executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business Lee Young Hee confirmed last week that the phone’s successor, the Galaxy S5, will launch in either March or April of this year, and now a new report claims to narrow that timeframe down significantly.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might arrive around mid-March, shortly after Mobile World Congress (MWC), at a specially organized event in London, UK. The rumor comes from Italian freelance tech journalist Flavio Piccioni, who claims he’s got the information from a ‘reliable source’. This comes just days after Samsung itself officially confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will not make an official appearance at MWC, but is still on track to getting officially unveiled by the end of April. A mid-March event falls in line with this timing, and London seems like a very suitable spot for the global launch of Samsung’s next big thing.

By Carl Durrek

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