BlackBery announces the new, Foxconn-produced BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed two new phones were on their way this year. The first, codenamed “Jakarta,” but known as the BlackBerry Z3 will launch first in Indonesia in April before moving to other markets. It will retail for less than $200. The second phone, the BlackBerry Q20 is designed for big business and government clients and will launch by the end of the year. It was also designed by Foxconn.

Sure enough according to the rumors and the reports, BlackBerry did announce a new handset at MWC 2014 and it came in the form of the BlackBerry Z3, or as it was known by its codename, the BlackBerry Jakarta. This is one of the first of many smartphones that BlackBerry will be producing in their partnership with Foxconn. In terms of design, the phone appears to be similar to a leak that we’ve seen in the past, so safe to say that the leakers got it right. Now unfortunately the downside here is that if you were hoping to see a US carrier offer up the BlackBerry Z3, you might be disappointed as BlackBerry has stated that the Z3 will be making its way to Indonesia, and they did not mention if it would see a release in other parts of the world.

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