Galaxy S5 rumored to come in a gold color option

Gold is somewhat an ostentatious color when it comes to electronic gadgets. After all its too bright, gaudy, and very loud, but little did we know that Apple would such a huge success with its gold iPhone 5s. That being said, it seems that not only does HTC want to replicate that success with a gold HTC M8, but possibly Samsung as well, thanks to an alleged leaked screenshot from Vodafone’s internal systems which reveals a gold colored Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Gold is back in fashion, haven’t you heard? We obtained a snapshot of the Vodafone’s inventory system, which confirms that the mobile carrier will indeed be selling a gold version of Samsung’s upcoming flagship: the Galaxy S5.  The proof is in the pudding: you can see the Gold S5’s name and model number amongst its other golden smartphone brethren: the iPhone 5S and HTC One 4G. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also got a couple of gold versions, but those only arrived a few months after the smartphone went on sale. This time however it appears that the third hue will be available from day 1. Anybody interested in picking up a bling’ed-out Galaxy S5?

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