Samsung unveils Knox 2.0 security solution

Exactly a year to the day after it first announced its Knox security solution, Samsung’s returned to Mobile World Congress with news that it’s making it even easier to secure and manage Galaxy devices. With the launch of Knox 2.0, Samsung’s changed the way the platform handles Google Play apps, digitally securing their data without the need to run them in a dedicated Knox workspace. Before, personal- and work-related apps were separated, but Samsung says “most” Google Play apps can now live in Samsung’s secure world. 

As the mania from the Galaxy S5 unveiling winds down, Samsung moved forward with its enterprise portfolio announcements during the second full day of Mobile World Congress 2014. Introduced at last year’s show in Barcelona, Samsung Knox launched commercially in October 2013 as the tech giant’s strategy for serving the enterprise world amid the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wave. Since then, Knox has Samsung has sold over 25 million devices running Knox, with more than one million active users on the platform. Samsung also revealed this week that it sees 210,000 Knox-enabled devices each month, translating to an average of approximately 7,000 devices each day. Thus, with a new slew of Galaxy mobile devices on the way, so to is the next version of Knox.

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