LINE now lets users create and sell their own stickers

Few companies have done more to pioneer the concept of stickers than Line, and now the Japanese company is democratizing sticker production after it opened a marketplace where anyone can upload packs to sell via its messaging app. “LINE Creators Market is a service designed to let anyone create, submit, and sell their own stickers for use in LINE chats,” the company explains on its blog.

Mobile messaging platform Line, which is gunning for a billion registered users by 2015 and is also reportedly considering an IPO later this year, has added a new feature aimed at boosting engagement on its platform. The feature could also result in it pulling in more revenue via its secondary money-maker, sticker sales. The new feature, called Line Creators Market, lets Line users make and sell their own sticker sets via the messaging platform. Sets of stickers are comprised of a total of 42 images which sticker creators upload via the new tool. Image submissions will be reviewed by Line, and those that pass muster can then be sold by their maker on Line’s Web Store. Each sticker set will be priced at JPY 100 (about $1). Line said it intends to take 50% of the proceeds from any sales, sending the other 50% to the creator’s bank account (minus any local tax requirements).

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