Keepy app lets you create a “Memory Playlist” of your child’s life

Finally, a solution to the age-old parenting question: Is this scrap of paper my child just scribbled on worth keeping? Am I bad parent if I secretly toss it in the trash? Will I regret not having this interpretation of a purple cross-eyed dog-asaurus in years to come? Fret no more. Keepy has you covered. Create a virtual memory book, no scissors or glue needed. The app creates a “Memory Playlist” of your child’s life that you can enhance with voiceovers and videos.

Every parent knows the pain of throwing away a precious piece of art work created by their child. As much as you love to store every single scribble, there just isn’t the room to keep every work of art crafted by their little hands. This problem of safekeeping art and storing memories is where interactive scrapbook app Keepy shines. Keepy can be broken down into two parts — the app you use to capture your memories and the private online website that allows you to share those precious moments. These two aspects of the service work together to create a memory playlist for each of your children. The Keepy app allows you to take photos as well as accompanying audio or video to provide a narrative about the artwork, event or memorable moment you managed to capture.

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