The Xbox One is the most popular next-gen console on Facebook

When it’s not running self-activating commercials featuring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, the Xbox One is busy sitting pretty as the president of Facebook “likes” in the U.S. A fun bit of research from the Movoto Real Estate Blog recently examined the state-by-state breakdown of the “like”-based adoration for the three major video game consoles and found that Microsoft’s dog is winning that fight. Microsoft’s Xbox One is the most “liked” video game console in 22 states, followed by Sony’s PlayStation 4 with 19 states. Nintendo’s Wii U doesn’t lay claim to the most “likes” in any state, and nine states were ambivalent.

It’s difficult to assign regional stereotypes or voting patterns to the console wars when an examination of Facebook likes for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is, well, all over the map. Of the United States. This is an analysis by the Movoto Real Estate Blog, which has done these sorts of video-game themed trend pieces for publicity in the past. Movoto counted the Facebook likes received by the three consoles of the current generation — PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One. By this measure, the Xbox One comes out ahead overall, and in total number of states “won” — 22 to the PS4’s 19. The Wii U did not win any states, coming in a distant third in all of them. Sort of like Ross Perot. But what if this really was a presidential election? Xbox One would still prevail, even with nine states undecided, with 286 electoral votes to 162 for PS4. Texas, California and New York provide an insurmountable lead for Microsoft, even with Florida tied. (Note: the survey did not specify the preferences of Washington D.C.)

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