Images of the Moto X+1 front panel have been leaked

Now that we know that the Moto X+1 will arrive during Motorola’s press event in Chicago on September 4th, we can turn our attention to what the device will look like and how it will perform. A new leak today has the former covered as it shows the front panel of the X+1 and reveals that Motorola has updated the design. The Moto X+1 is a replacement for the Moto X flagship that is now over a year old and unlike the older model it is said to keep up to date with the specs of current smartphone flagships. The device has caused a little confusion as benchmarks have showed it running either a Snapdragon 801 or an 805. However, thanks to this leak we can at least put a face to the name and now know what the Moto X+1 will look like.

The Moto X+1 is starting to leak a lot, now that we’re getting ever closer to its September 4 unveiling date.
Most recently, the next Motorola flagship smartphone had most of its specs confirmed by a benchmark. And now its purported front panel got leaked, smiling for a few comparison shots with the original Moto X from last year. Both in the image above, and in the one below, you can see the leaked Moto X+1 front panel on the left, with the original Moto X smartphone hanging around to its right. Right off the bat the 5.2-inch screen size that has been rumored many times so far seems pretty much confirmed, given the perceived size difference between the two units. And once again Motorola looks like it has been able to create a very pocketable device, if we go by the bezels of this panel alone. A very interesting detail is the big cutout that the panel features below the screen. This is similar in size and shape to the one above the display, which will clearly house the speaker. So it seems like the X+1 will come with stereo front-facing speakers, akin to the HTC One (M8) for example.


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