Sony has sold more than 16 million PlayStation 4s worldwide

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has broken two more milestones: selling sixteen million consoles and over 60 million games worldwide, according to VGChartz. The PlayStation 4 sold 1,193,346 in the last week of November. That brings lifetime sales to 16,146,005 units and 61.8 million games sold so far. This sharp increase happened during the American Black Friday shopping weekend. This news follows the report that Microsoft topped Sony last month with console sales, and with the holiday season around the corner, PS4 sales are only bound to increase.

Microsoft stole the spotlight earlier this month after announcing that the Xbox One had finally topped the PlayStation 4 for the month of November in the U.S and the U.K., but based on the latest data from VGChartz, Sony wasn’t far behind. VGChartz reports that Sony sold 1,193,346 PlayStation 4 consoles during the week of Black Friday alone, bringing total lifetime sales to over 16 million. If the data from VGChartz is correct, it can be assumed that Microsoft’s margin of victory was razor thin. Either way, Sony could not have chosen a worse time to let the pendulum swing in the opposite direction. If Microsoft can gain enough momentum during the holiday season, 2015 could be the year of the Xbox One. VGChartz also notes that both Sony and Microsoft have now sold over 60 million games for their new consoles, respectively. Software sales have skyrocketed throughout 2014, due in large part to the release of the eighth generation consoles.

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