The next generation of Google Glass will reportedly be powered by Intel

Intel has its eyes on one of the biggest prizes in wearable technology as reports say it will provide the chip for the next generation of Google Glass. The current model of Glass contains a processor made by Texas Instruments. Left behind in the market for mobile processors, Intel wants to establish a foothold in wearable technology, and there’s few more high-profile wearables than Google’s specs.

Intel is expected to supply the chips for a new version of Google’s Glass device in 2015, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources. The Intel processor will replace one from Texas Instruments, which is used in the current version of Glass, which is a device that allows people to view the Internet or take pictures while wearing it on their heads. Intel hasn’t commented yet. The Wall Street Journal said that Intel plans to promote Glass to hospital networks and manufacturers. Google watched the web-connected eyewear in 2012, but it carried a hefty price and was regarded as something that only nerds would wear.

By Connor Livingston

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