LG just patented a flexible smartphone/wristband hybrid device

I’m not sure what it is about South Koreans and screens but companies like LG and Samsung have consistently dominated the market for screens, for both mobile and traditional devices, for quite some time. That doesn’t look to change anytime soon as both companies have been leading the market in terms of adopting new curved screens. In fact, LG is using bendable screens to create a smartphone/wristband hybrid, according to a recent patent. 

LG has been known as one of the bigger technology manufacturers that has been interested in the development of curved screens for use with mobile technology and devices, alongside Samsung. LG’s development and production of the devices like the LG G Flex and the LG G Flex 2 show that they’re willing to produce something that is a little different than what we’re used to seeing, but a new patent design that LG was just awarded is much more in the realm of experimental than even the G Flex was before it hit store shelves back when it was getting ready to launch. The new patent design, listed as patent D726,140 shows a design for a hybrid device that would meld together both a watch or cuff/wristband with an actual smartphone like device that bends and curves around the wrist with the cuff. This would give the wearer the ability to more or less turn their smartphone into a smartwatch of sorts, albeit with a much larger screen than all other smartwatches on the market. At the moment this is just a patent design that LG was looking to secure, and it’s very possible that it will never make it to development or production stages, but should LG actually choose to pursue development, they’ll now have the patent rights to do so.

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