Swedish companies are leading the charge on autonomous vehicles

Gothenburg-based Volvo and Stockholm-based Autoliv are joining forces to speed up the development of autonomous vehicle technology. The two Swedish companies won’t be keeping this technology all to themselves, however, and will be selling it to any automaker that’s interested in purchasing it. That being said, Autoliv will be the one with exclusive rights to sell the technology, but it’s also not the only company that Volvo is collaborating with. The automaker is also working with Uber to develop autonomous vehicle technology…

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Google and Huawei might be working on a new tablet

Google and Huawei might be joining forces once again. According to a tweet from Evan Blass, once of the most respected leakers in the mobile industry, Huawei will launch a 7-inch tablet with 4GB of RAM before the end of the year. There have been rumors that Huawei is working on a new Nexus device, but it was assumed that the device would be a successor to the Nexus 6P that was released last year. This new tablet might be the device that the rumors were referring to, or Huawei might be working on both a smartphone and a tablet. Either way, we’re…

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Apple is purging hundreds of thousands of apps from the App Store

It may be the end of summer, but that isn’t stopping Apple from doing a bit of spring cleaning. Tomorrow, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the company will begin purging the App Store of apps that it considers to be deceptive or out-of-date, which could potentially be hundreds of thousands of apps. The apps will be put on death row, and their developers will be given thirty days to update them or else they’ll be permanently removed from the App Store. However, even if an app is deleted from the App Store, users who have…

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Can video games help autistic children improve their social skills?

It’s still hard to believe that we now live in a world where playing video games is a viable career, and where video games themselves are being used for both educational and medical purposes. There are numerous examples of this, but one of the more recent ones comes from the University of Western Australia, where a researcher by the name of Gail Alvares is working on a video game project that’s aimed at helping children with autism learn vital social skills. Digital media really has changed everything, hasn’t it? Searching for a way…

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Chicago tried and failed to use big data to predict crimes

Have you ever seen the movie Minority Report? If you haven’t, all you need to know is that it’s about a special police unit that’s able to predict crimes, and is therefore able to arrest criminals before they actually commit those crimes. We don’t have anything close to the technology required to predict crimes, but theoretically, we can use big data to anticipate the probability of someone committing a crime or being a victim of crime, and have the police react accordingly. The Chicago Police Department tried to test out…

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Xiaomi might unveil its first smartwatch later this week

If Apple did it, then you can bet your ass that Xiaomi is gonna do it too. In all fairness, the majority of Apple’s competitors do the same thing, but most of them are just following Apple’s lead, whereas Xiaomi tends to just blatantly copy what ever Apple does. Whether or not this will be the case with Xiaomi’s rumored smartwatch remains to be seen, but according to a report from GizmoChina on Friday, we might find out later this week. Next to nothing is know about the device, but there’s reason to believe it might not be as much of an Apple Watch…

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Google is killing off yet another thing that nobody knew existed

Google isn’t afraid to experiment, and as a result, the company ends up having to kill off a lot of products and services that didn’t end up being as successful as it had hoped. Chrome apps aren’t really experimental so much as outdated, but they fall into the same category as Google’s experimental stuff because most people don’t even know they exist and the company is killing them off in the near future. About one percent of Chrome users across Mac, Linux, and Windows are actively using Chrome apps, which is why Google announced…

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