Author: Alex Becker

After obtaining an MBA in Marketing and Management from Stony Brook University, Alex affixed himself to one of the most prominent names in Long Island advertising, Greenstone Marketing, where he honed his crafts in various marketing disciplines including copywriting, branding and account management. Alex's second spell of good fortune came with his recent collaboration with Fishbat Digital Marketing, Long Island's largest online marketing agency. He's now immersed himself in the expanding fields of social media, SEO and web development.

Only Google can judge me

A digital lifetime ago, the late Tupac pronounced his independence from peer criticism by conceding judgment to only his higher power.  I’ll contend that if Tupac were around today, he’d acknowledge the prominence of SEO and include Google in a 2012 remix of “Only God Can Judge Me.” As the latest version of Libertarianism spreads, authorities in many forms have been reduced: changing marriage rights through new legislation; access to football teams outside geographic markets with the NFL package on cable.  Radical times…

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There’s a new (digital) sheriff in town

On December 12, 2012 the Federal Bureau of Investigations announced a cybercrime bust it had recently executed and credited Facebook’s security team as its primary collaborator.  The operation, which culminated in the arrest of 10 suspects, targeted an international assemblage of online offenders that the FBI labeled the ‘Butterfly Botnet.’  This cyber posse allegedly used a destructive breed of Malware, known as ‘Yahos,’ to corrupt 11 million computers and extract $850 million from unwitting victims, according…

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