Author: Angela Freeman

Top 5 videos to boost your mood

Everyone could use a lift now and then. YouTube is more than just a treasure trove of silly Korean music videos and animals riding on skateboards. It’s home to some of the most inspirational, mood-lifting material anywhere in the world. Here are five videos that are sure to boost your mood.   1. The Rocky I Training Montage Yo, Adrian! This first video comes from the 1976 boxing epic “Rocky.” In case you’ve never seen Sylvester Stallone’s masterpiece, it’s a story about a down-on-his-luck boxing amateur struggling against all odds…

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Drug discovery in the digital era: how computers are helping to design better drugs

The image of scientists slaving over test tubes may soon be behind us as pharmaceuticals enter the digital age. Computers are revolutionizing the industry, helping our brightest minds create better drugs faster. Read on to discover how technology is ushering in a new era of medicine.   Computers spearhead structure-based design In the past, scientists used trial and error to search through natural compounds with medicinal potential. Today, most major drug companies are working much more efficiently thanks to a process called…

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