Author: Ben Austin

As the CEO of Absolute Digital Media, Ben Austin has worked in the industry for five years, developing an in depth knowledge of all areas of online marketing, including SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media engagement. He is continually seeking ways to drive the business forward to compete with the biggest names in the sector.

An out of this world project

Google has added a brand new venture to its roster, Project Loon. Loon allows people to connect to internet, not from your standard wireless router, but a floating balloon that connects you to a worldwide network of other balloons that can bring you the web across the world.   How it works Loon may look like a giant jellyfish, but a lot of engineering has gone into this. Firstly, the balloon is powered entirely by solar panels. This powers the electrical box that hangs from the balloon and transmits the data. This data travels at speeds…

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