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Google and Huawei might be working on a new tablet

Google and Huawei might be joining forces once again. According to a tweet from Evan Blass, once of the most respected leakers in the mobile industry, Huawei will launch a 7-inch tablet with 4GB of RAM before the end of the year. There have been rumors that Huawei is working on a new Nexus device, but it was assumed that the device would be a successor to the Nexus 6P that was released last year. This new tablet might be the device that the rumors were referring to, or Huawei might be working on both a smartphone and a tablet. Either way, we’re…

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This app let's you buy the food that restaurants want to throw away

Just because it’s not fresh doesn’t mean it’s not edible. For people willing to eat food that’s old, but not too old, a new app by the name of Too Good To Go sells leftover food that restaurants would normally throw out. Naturally, the food is much cheaper since it’s not quite as fresh as what the restaurants normally sell, which is justification enough to use the app, but it also helps combat the insane amount of food waste that’s generated by restaurants every day. The only real downside, other than eating food that’s not quite…

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Verizon has acquired Yahoo's core business for $4.8 billion

Marissa Mayer has laid off thousands of Yahoo employees over the last four years, all in an effort to turn things around for the company. It didn’t work, and neither did any of her other turnaround efforts, which is why Yahoo’s shareholders have decided to throw in the towel and sell the company’s core business to Verizon for $4.8 billion. Mayer is being forced to go along with this plan, which means she’s essentially being forced to put herself out of the job. It seems kind of poetic when you think about how many people she’s laid off, but…

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Netflix can only stream 1080p content through Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s new web browser doesn’t have much going for it, and at the moment, there isn’t a reason to use it instead of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, the company claimed on Wednesday that Microsoft Edge is the only browser out there at the moment that’s capable of playing 1080p content on Netflix, which tests show is actually true. If watching true HD content on Netflix is more important than better performance or access to a massive catalog of extensions, then maybe it’s time to make the switch. If you want to watch true…

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Casinos are becoming more like arcades to attract millennials

Millennials are a notoriously difficult demographic to attract, because growing up with digital media has made is so that their tastes and preferences are vastly different than previous generations. In an effort to attract millennials, businesses have had to look at what’s popular with them and then figure out how to work those things into their own products and services, with varying degrees of success. Fortunately for the gambling industry, attracting millennials might be as simple as transitioning from chance-based games…

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Google Search might soon have a built-in speed-testing tool has been the go-to place to test out your Internet speed for years, but last month, Netflix launched its own speed-testing website, known as, that’s even easier and faster than Ookla’s website. However, rumor has it that Google is working on its own speed-testing tool that will surpass even Netflix’s tool in terms of easiness, because it’s going to be built right into Google Search. According to a Google Support page, the test takes thirty seconds and is performed by one of Google’s partners, M-Lab, although…

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Is the OnePlus 3 a true flagship killer?

The OnePlus 2 is a great smartphone, but it’s far from the “flagship killer” that OnePlus describes it as. For a company whose motto is “Never Settle,” OnePlus did a lot of settling with the OnePlus 2, and the smartphone hasn’t been able to capture fans in quite the same way the OnePlus One did. However, it looks like OnePlus learned from its mistakes, and now it’s back with a smartphone that might actually be a true flagship killer: the OnePlus 3. Third time’s a charm, right? Well that’s what OnePlus will be hoping with its third-generation…

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