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Not even Uber was able to succeed in the Chinese market

Due to a combination of cultural differences and regulations designed specifically to hinder foreign companies, it’s very difficult for Western companies to operate in China. That notorious difficulty wasn’t enough to stop Uber from trying to establish itself as China’s dominant ride-sharing service, however, but despite the company’s extensive efforts, it failed. Uber announced on Monday that it’s selling its Chinese division to Didi Chuxing, its biggest competitor in China, for an undisclosed amount. Uber still dominates…

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Sony has confirmed that it's working on a PlayStation 4.5

This generation of consoles has been very disappointing, and the PlayStation 4 is no exception. Sony might be enjoying record sales at the moment, but the fact that developers are already feeling the limitations of the console’s hardware, as well as the fact that it doesn’t support emerging technologies like 4K resolution and virtual reality, means that it won’t be long before the PlayStation 4 is seen as outdated. For a few weeks, there have been rumors that Sony is looking to combat this by releasing an improved version of the console…

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Apple's new patent could put an end to autocorrect mistakes

Autocorrect is incredibly useful when it works, but when it doesn’t work, it can cause problems that are always annoying, often amusing, and occasionally horrifying. I’m sure we’ve all had to send the “Whoops, damn autocorrect” text at least once in our lives, probably numerous times, but Apple has a new patent that might be able to fix the problem. It’s actually a rather simple solution that highlights autocorrected words in the same way it highlights misspelled words in an effort to make the sender double check to make sure…

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Sony might be working on a PlayStation 4.5

When asked what the future of video games looks like, most gamers will mention 4K gaming and virtual reality, and the fact that neither the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One support these technologies have led many people to question the longevity of this generation of consoles. However, Sony has been working to fix the PlayStation 4’s shortcomings, first with the self-powered PlayStation VR headset, and now Kotaku is reporting that the company is working on an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 that will be able to support 4K gaming….

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Samsung's attempt at a social media app is destined to fail

From time to time, Samsung will release a new product in an area that it’s not familiar with which will inevitably fail, and the tech community will laugh and wonder what the hell the company was thinking. The latest such product is Waffle, the company’s new content-sharing social media app that offers something most of its competitors already have, but nothing that they don’t. In fact, the only thing that separates the app from its competitors is the waffle-like grid-based design that inspired its name, and Samsung itself has admitted…

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Valve wants to bring non-VR video games to virtual reality

Google Cardboard has made it so that even videos that aren’t designed for virtual reality can be viewed in virtual reality as a sort of simulated cinematic experience, and now Valve wants to do the same thing for video games. The company teased this new feature, called SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode, on Saturday, saying that it’s currently in early beta, but didn’t go into further detail. Naturally, the feature will support the Vive virtual reality headset that Valve developed with HTC, and will support other headsets as well, but…

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Sony doesn't want fear of failure to limit its boldness

Companies like Sony have legions of analysts and designers that try to figure out what it is that consumers want, and then develop a product that fulfills those desires, but it’s not an exact science. That’s one of the reasons why companies tend to be hesitant about being too bold, because experimenting with something that isn’t guaranteed to be at least moderately can end up loosing them a lot of money. However, rather than having to sacrifice boldness for success, or vice versa, Sony wants to have the best of both worlds,…

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