Author: Navneet Alang

Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

Will Apple ruin our cloud video future?

Ever since they first came about, digital movies have been totally absurd. Not only are they overpriced, they are almost always locked into particular hardware ecosystems. Buy a movie from iTunes and it only plays on Apple hardware; buy the same movie on Xbox Live or the Playstation Network, and it’s the same deal. It’s ridiculous. But it seems like buying a digital movie might finally be about to get better with the arrival of Ultraviolet. It’s a new system from Hollywood that let’s you buy a movie once and watch it anywhere. Sounds like…

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If tech news is boring, blame the free market

“Tech news is so phenomenally boring!” said Gawker’s Adrian Chen, in the classically confrontational, controversial style of the site. And oh how it’s true. Tech news is boring. Every minute Apple rumor is reported in detail. In fact, each tiny little upgrade or tidbit of info about any hot company – Google, Twitter, Facebook – is talked about endlessly, even if it isn’t particularly relevant. Silly wars between companies and their fans dominate news feeds, and it all amounts to a lot of nothing. As for who’s to blame, it’d be easy to blame…

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What is the future of the desktop computer?

For years, the desktop computer has been but a shell of its former dominant self. The world went mobile, and that gray box that your co-workers used to call ‘the hard drive’ seemed destined for an obscure life – if a stable one. After all, it was still going to be used by gamers, programmers, media buffs and others who wanted the power and ease that comes with a powerful computer, a big screen and desk and chair. But recently, we have two more pieces of news that make one wonder: what is the future of the desktop computer, if it has one at all? The first…

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Is Apple an elitist company?

In the few brief moments of respite we get from the constant flurry of Apple rumors, sometimes it seems worth something to think about the broader effects a company like Apple has. After all, though there is always much debate about the gang from Cupertino, it tends to be about technology or features or interfaces. And in this, I’d argue Apple excel. The iPad is vastly superior to any other tablet on the market. The iPhone became a platform rather than a product, and in doing so totally revolutionized mobile. And the Macbook Air and iMac are…

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TeamWox: Making your company more efficient

Though there are myriad software and services for managing various aspects of a company, they are often divided into components: use one thing for accounting, another for team management, another for internal discussion. It can get a bit unwieldy, particularly in terms of having everyone on the same page. Groupware TeamWox aims to help that by consolidating the numerous different functions – HR, email, document sharing and many more – all in one package. The upshot, beyond increased efficiency, is that the software helps centralize…

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Five things about Google+ Facebook should worry about

For a company that has had trouble understanding social, the response to Google+, the company’s new social network platform, has been remarkably good. But no-one so far has suggested that Google+ will be the proverbial “Facebook killer’. And nor should they. We have no idea how the mass market will respond to Google+, especially since there’s no agreement among early adopters yet. Still, at least in terms of ideas, Google+ is very interesting – innovative, even. In fact, the ideas are so surprisingly good, I think Facebook has a reason…

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Meteroic: Download music and movies to your iOS device

Apple’s iOS, for all its benefits, is notoriously closed. Particularly annoying about this is that you have no access to the OS’s file structure, which means you cannot download music or video clips from across the web. Thankfully a new iPhone and iPad app called Meteoric looks to fix that. Though on the surface Meteoric is a download manager, it actually works by providing the user with a browser. As you browse through sites, links to media content – images, music, video, or any other format that works natively on iOS – can be downloaded…

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