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Xiaomi might unveil its first smartwatch later this week

If Apple did it, then you can bet your ass that Xiaomi is gonna do it too. In all fairness, the majority of Apple’s competitors do the same thing, but most of them are just following Apple’s lead, whereas Xiaomi tends to just blatantly copy what ever Apple does. Whether or not this will be the case with Xiaomi’s rumored smartwatch remains to be seen, but according to a report from GizmoChina on Friday, we might find out later this week. Next to nothing is know about the device, but there’s reason to believe it might not be as much of an Apple Watch…

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Check out the OnePlus smartwatch that will never exist

In the two years since OnePlus exploded onto the smartphone scene with the OnePlus One, rumors that the company is working on everything from a smartwatch to a tablet have popped up, though no evidence of these claims has ever been presented. Now, just a couple of weeks after the release of the OnePlus 3, co-founder Carl Pei tweeted a sketch from last year of what would have been a OnePlus smartwatch, but never will be. Ever since OnePlus unveiled its first flagship phone back in 2014, rumors of a company-built smartwatch have…

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Nintendo will release its next console in March 2017

Consoles tend to last six to eight years before their successor is released, so the fact that the Wii U will be replaced in just four years should tell you how much of a failure it is. Numerous reports have claimed that Nintendo wants to move past the Wii U debacle as quickly as possible, and the company more or less confirmed these reports earlier this week when it announced that the console’s successor, known as the Nintendo NX, will be released in March 2017. Also, the new Legend of Zelda game that fans have been waiting for since 2011…

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Self-driving cars are making their way to racetracks

There really is no better place to show off the latest car technology than the racetrack, and there are few technologies as deserving of a demonstration as self-driving cars. That’s why it was so exciting last November when the Formula E bosses announced that there’s going to be a support series that consists entirely of self-driving cars. This Roborace will pit teams of software engineers against each other, rather than physical drivers, during the 2016/17 season of Formula E, and the concept for the Roborace car has been…

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General Electric had the opportunity to acquire Apple for $2 billion

When deciding not to acquire a company, there’s always the possibility that you’ll come to regret it in the future, such as when Blockbuster decided not to acquire Netflix back in 2000, or when Samsung decided not to acquire Android back in 2004. To be fair, had either of those acquisitions gone through, there’s no guarantee that Netflix or Android would be as successful as they are today, but I’m sure Blockbuster and Samsung are regretting their decisions either way. And if you think that’s bad, General Electric actually had the opportunity…

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China's next Five Year Plan is all about the internet and technology

China’s thirteenth Five Year Plan since 1953 was unveiled on Saturday, and it’s all about the internet and technology. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Five Year Plans are a series of regularly implemented initiatives that are designed to help develop China both economically and socially. This time around, China wants to focus on expanding and improving internet access in the country, especially in major urban areas, and reducing its dependence on foreign technology. China is hoping that this will help breathe new life into…

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Tesla has started sending out invites for the Model 3 debut event

The Tesla Model S is widely considered to be the best electric vehicle on the market at the moment, but it’s not exactly within the reach of the average driver because of its price, which why the Model 3 is such a big deal. With the Model 3, Tesla will finally be giving us a high-quality electric vehicle that most people will be able to afford, especially when you factor in government incentives that will lower the already low price of $35,000. The vehicle will debut at the end of the month, and Green Car Reports reported on Friday that Tesla…

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