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Facebook App Can't Be Deleted from Some Phones, Making Users Unhappy
Instagram 'regram' Feature Finally Introduced in App Update, but Only Partly
GM is Smartening up its Bolt EV Smartphone App
Uber’s Diet App is Designed for Emerging Countries
This Smartphone App Can Detect an Opioid Overdose and Save your Life
Impossible Burger will Upgrade Itself like an App Until You Quit Beef
Square Launches its In-app Payments SDK
Here's Ride-hailing App Focuses on Shared Rides
WhatsApp Update Adds Brand New Features to Transform App Experience
Here Launches SoMo, a Social Transport App for Planning and Sharing Rides
Package Tracking App Turns Users’ Devices into a Bot Farm, Violates User Privacy
Your Mac’s Speakers Can Make Movies and Music Sound 3D with this App
L.A. Sues IBM’s Weather Company Over ‘Deceptive’ Weather Channel App
Netflix Delivers a Blow to Apple’s Services Story by Ending In-app Subscriptions
Chipotle Wants You to Try its New Diet Bowls, so You'll Sign up for its App
Taylor Swift’s Mobile App, the Swift Life, is the Latest Celebrity App to Shutter
Are your AirPods Buggy with MacOS? Try this App to Improve the Experience
12 Tactics for Engaging and Retaining your Mobile App Users
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