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Mobile-app Errors Expose Data on 180 Million Phones: Security Firm
Mobile-app Errors Expose Data on 180 Million Phones: Security Firm
Hulu is Nintendo's First Video Streaming App for the Switch
This Wallpaper App Makes your iPhone X's Notch Disappear
Google's New Android App: Manage Storage, Share Files Without Using Mobile Data
Notcho App Hides iPhone X Notch
Snapchat is Redesigning its App Because it Knows it's Too Hard to Use
This iPhone X App Lets You Hide the Unsightly Notch from your Homescreen
Adidas's First Shopping App Uses AI to Come up with the Goods
Why is Snapchat not Working? Picture and Video App Goes Down
Fake WhatsApp App Fooled Million Android Users on Google Play: Did You Fall for It?
The Tricks App Makers Use to Get Ranked More Highly in the App Store and Google Play
WhatsApp Business App on Google Play Store is Fake, Don't Fall for it
Facebook's Bonfire Group Video Chat App Now Available for Android
Fake WhatsApp App Found Lurking on Google Play Store with Over 10000 Downloads
Apple will Share Face Mapping Data from the iPhone X with Third-party App Developers
App Developer Access to iPhone X Face Data Spooks Some Privacy Experts
ACLU Raises Privacy Concerns Over App Developer Access to Facial Expressions on iPhone X
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