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Panic Says it will Soon Discontinue its Transmit File Manager App on iOS
Apple Bought a Start-up that will Make it Easier for Coders to Build Apps for the App Store
Amazon Alexa App Hits 10 Million Downloads on Google Play Store
Google Withdraws YouTube App from Amazon Fire TV
WhatsApp DOWN: Chat App not WORKING for Users, Hundreds Unable to Send Texts on NYE 2018
Google Withdraws YouTube App from Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Updates Fire TV's YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead
Fire TV Users Lose Access to the YouTube App Earlier than Expected
Edward Snowden's App Turns your Spare Phone into a Security Monitor
Edward Snowden Helped Develop a New App that's all About Security
Ed Snowden's New Haven App Turns your Old Android Phone into a Surveillance Camera
With Tweaks, Edward Snowden's 'Haven' App Helps Tracks Intruders
Live Trivia App HQ is Coming to Android
Edward Snowden Launches Smartphone App that Protects your Laptop
Edward Snowden Launches Anti-espionage Smartphone App Haven: Here's Where to Get it
Edward Snowden's New App Turns any Android Phone into a Surveillance System
Edward Snowden Helped Build an App that will Alert You Whenever your Laptop has been Tampered with
Edward Snowden's Haven App Turns your Phone into a Surveillance Device
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