iOS stories

Apple's Most Revolutionary New Feature won't even Be the Best Thing About iOS 12
Facebook to Launch Subscription Tool in iOS App After Resolving Dispute with Apple
Facebook Works it Out with Apple to Test News Paywalls on iOS
Facebook Says it has Solved its Dispute with Apple and will Roll Out a Subscription Tool for iOS
Apple Could Be Rethinking its Release Cycle for iOS and MacOS
'Alto's Adventure' Sequel 'Alto's Odyssey' Launches on iOS on February 22
iOS 12 Said to Feature Animoji in FaceTime, Deeper Siri Integration, and do not Disturb Improvements
Tune HomePod's Sound Using Equalizers in iOS and MacOS
Apple's TV App for iOS: Now You Can Watch New 'Live News' Channels
Apple Adds Live News Channels to TV App for iOS and Apple TV
Apple Ordered GitHub to Remove iOS Source Code Leak
The Critical Secret Code that Allows iOS Devices to Boot up has Leaked Online
iPhone Source Code Leak? Apple Cracks Down on 'IOS Bootloader' Posted on GitHub
Apple Facing Security Nightmare as iOS 9 Source Code Leaks
iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2 is Here, Complete with Battery Performance Options
Apple iOS 11.3 to Bring Single Sign-On Authentication for Websites
iCloud Single Sign-On Solution Might Arrive with iOS 11.3
Apple's iOS 11.3 May Use iCloud as a Single Sign-on for Websites
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