Robots stories

C-3PO's Grandparents? Helper Robots Develop Skills and Charm
Boston Dynamics' New Robot Can Jump Higher than You Can
Boston Dynamics 'New' SpotMini Robot Looks Ready for a Walk
Leaked Video Reveals 'Nightmare Inducing' Google Robot
Qualcomm’s New Vision Chips Can Power Sports Cams, Security Cameras, and Robots
Snuggle Robots and Talking Toilets at CES
Segway's Rideable Robot Sidekick Loomo is Now on Indiegogo
Home Brewing Robots Get a Little Cheaper with the PicoBrew Pico C
Companion Robots Vie to Be the Latest Addition to Homes
Nintendo Scraps Project Giant Robot
Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Robot Dog Looked Right at Us, and it was Downright Creepy
Origami Robots Now Come with their own Tiny Exoskeletons
Robot Vehicles are Overly Cautious Drivers
Humanoid Robots 'Breakthrough' as Engineers Create Synthetic Muscle that Can Lift ONE THOUSAND Times its own Weight
New Robots Can See into their Future
Boston Dynamics Adds Wheels to its Already Chilling Robots
Privacy-touting Mozilla Caught Shoving Mr Robot Add-on into Firefox
Indexers, Activists and Tax Robots
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