Robots stories

Hungry Between Classes? On this College Campus, Robot Vending Machines are Delivering Snacks to Students.
UK Invests Millions in Micro-robots Able to Work in Dangerous Sites
This Artist Built a Stripper Robot 10 Years Ago. Now his Creation's Gone Beyond his Control.
We’re Missing the ‘Skynet’ to Complete Our Connected Robot Future
Kiwi Blames ‘human Error’ After Delivery Robot Catches Fire
U.S. Army Faces a Made-in-America Controversy Over Robots
Don't Fear the Robot Overlords-Embrace Them as Coworkers
UK Military's Bomb Disposal Robots Come with Haptic Feedback
Researchers Developed an AI Robot that Can Assist with Childbirth
The Top 4 Trends Spotted in this Years’ Robot Scene
Japan’s Latest Home Robot Isn’t Useful
This Robot Picks a Pepper in 24 Seconds Using a Tiny Saw, and Could Help Combat Farm Labor Shortage
The Bug-Like HAMR Robot Walks Upside Down Using Electricity
Japan’s Latest Companion Robot is the Fuzzy, Expressive Lovot
Paradigm Shift: Can Anyone Be a Robotics Programmer with Sensor-embedded Clothes
Nurse Robot Moxi Gets Schooled by Texas Nurses
Delivery Robot Catches Fire at University Campus, Students Set up Vigil
Robot Vacuums are Finally Good---Here's Which One to Buy
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