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Facebook has Copied Another Major Snapchat Feature in its Quest to Take Out its Rival
Instagram & Snapchat Remove Giphy Integration Due to Sticker W/ Racial Slur
Snap IPO: Snapchat Parent Company to Spend $2 Billion Over Five Years for Google Cloud Platform
Snapchat Removes Giphy Feature Due to Racial Slur GIF
Snapchat, Twitter Adopting New Looks to Gain More Users
Facebook F8 Day 1: Crushing Snapchat, New VR Community, Maybe Serious About Collaboration
Snapchat Clamps Down on Clickbait
Snapchat Gets Android Developer Religion--better Late than Never
Yes, Instagram is Snatching up Snapchat Users
Patreon is Launching its Snapchat-like Photo and Video Feed for Artists
The 18-Through-24 Age Group Continues to Be Drawn to Snapchat and Instagram
Is Facebook a Monopoly? Just Ask Snapchat
Instagram's Snapchat Clone is Now More Popular than Snapchat
11 Things Every Snapchat Spectacles Owner Should Know
Too Confused by Snapchat? Facebook is Using that to its Advantage with Messenger Day
Instagram's Snapchat Clone Now has More Users than Snapchat
WhatsApp's New Feature Continues Facebook's Snapchat Mimicry
New Snapchat Lenses Take You to Elon Musk's Space Tesla, 'Rick and Morty'
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