Snapchat stories

The 18-Through-24 Age Group Continues to Be Drawn to Snapchat and Instagram
Snapchat Installs are Surging Despite Backlash Over the App's Redesign
Snapchat Should Have Never Made it this Far
Despite the Hate, Snapchat Redesign is Here to Stay
The New Snapchat Design is a Colossal Mess. And it won't Go Away. Here's Why.
Snapchat Responds to Petition Complaining About the Redesigned App
Snapchat's Redesign Isn't Going Anywhere
Snapchat Responds to the 1.2 Million Users Who Signed a Petition to Kill the Redesign
Snap has a New Message for all the Snapchat Redesign Haters
Snapchat Responds to the Petition Complaining About the App's Redesign
Snapchat Promises Update After Users Balk at Redesign
Snapchat Adds GIF Stickers Via Giphy, Plus New Friends and Discover Screen Tabs
NEW Snapchat Feature Lets You See People's Snaps from ANYWHERE
Nobody Seems to like the Update to Snapchat
Snapchat DOWN: Severs Down and not Working as Snapchat Twitter Support Responds to Issues
People are so Furious About the Snapchat Redesign that They are Making Rap Rants Now
Snapchat Creators Now Have Access to Analytics: Views, Demographics, and More
Snap Gives Influencers Analytics as Everyone Else Rages About Snapchat's Redesign
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